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She graduated in law, now handmade luxury chocolates without artificial ingredients.

Alexandra Valková 22nd of April 2019

On the website www.startitup.sk they wrote about us an article :

Four years ago, Katarína Baranovič would not even think that chocolate would be fully devoted to chocolate instead of her promising lawyer future. This passion was not born with her accidentally, Katarína grew up in a confectionery environment since her childhood. And finally, she found herself through studying law in Belgiom at the Callebaut Chocolate Academy.

She has learned from the most renowned top chocolatiers like Alexander Bordeaux and the famous chocolatier from Las Vegas Melissa Coppel. Its extraordinary design pieces, chocolate creams and pralines can be tasted under its personal Mystery of Chocolate brand.

This does not mean, however, that she has completely ceased to study law. She worked for some time in the field of advocacy, but the smell of chocolate and the desire to work with this magical "stuff" eventually won. This passion for this tasty craft has deep roots, because Catherine's grandmother was a well-known confectioner, who made herself the u confectioner's materials and figures she couldn't get anywhere.

She fell in love with chocolate and feels she can use and develop her creativity exactly in this chocolate world. Chocolate became her hobby and passion at the same time. In her chocolate business she is supported by her entire family, who is her best taster and flatter in one.

Everything with love Mystery of chocolate chocolate products are unique in their design, taste and packaging. Another attribute that makes these products exceptional is that the ingredients from which the truffles are made are imported from around the world. Despite the fact that all of its products are quality and designer redesigned, Catherine alone cannot tell which product or praline is her best product. However, she knows that very popular favorites include hazelnut creams.

The most important part of Mystery of chocolate products is that they are made in top quality, without the artificial ingrediences and preservatives. It is absolutely uncompromising in making these homemade truffles and chocolate creams. There is possible to buy only the finest raw materials and molds for making design pralines and she use to buy from well-known chocolate makers such as Frank Haasnoot, Davide Comaschi, Sakura Origami, Alex Bordeaux. Then, on the way to create the best original pralines, nothing should surprise her.

World Inspiration In such a specific production of design pralines, Katarína sees no local competition. Although there are many producers of chocolate and products from it in Slovakia, they all remain in the classical form of production. He is inspired by foreign chocolatiers such as Vince Vallee, Frank Haasnoot, Luis Amando and Piere Marcolini, who produce luxury and design chocolate products.

Handmade chocolate products In addition to studying at the Chocolate Academy in Belgium, she still uses the chocolate callets of the famous Belgian Callebaut brand to produce her chocolate products, which are balanced by their taste, smell and consistency. Until recently, she had made these products truly honestly and manually. Recently, however, opened in Piestany its factory, where you will find the best and latest technologies for making chocolate.

She met the first homemade handmade praline on a chocolate course in Púchov. The course was conducted by Jožka Zaukulcová, who is the president of the Confectionary Association in Slovakia. The course impressed her so much that she wanted to learn more about chocolate. From chocolate dyeing, through new cartridges, storage, to create and design own chocolate shop.

In addition to the above-mentioned foreign chocolatiers, she is inspired by social networks, where she is in constant contact with the world's best chocolatiers. She felt in love with the luxury design that can be made from chocolate and she hope that she will be followed same way with all her customers. She believes that her customers will be able to recognize real quality from quantity and will only search for quality chocolate products, either through her e-shop or in cooperating cafés.

Chocolatier's plans Katarína is currently working on a new improved website and a more modern e-shop. You will soon be able to purchase its products in stone stores. Katarína also wants to get luxury design chocolate products into shopping centers, in the form of mini shops, but she is also going directly to the center of Bratislava, where she wants to open a luxury chocolate shop.

Her enthusiasm for foreign chocolatiers, however, does not end only when she is inspired. She is preparing a number of collaborations with international chocolatiers and her good friend Vladislav Panchenko from the Callebaut chocolate academy from Moscow is coming to Slovakia soon.

In the second half of the year, a journey across the ocean awaits her to meet the new luxury range of truffles, snack bars and chocolates with Luis Amandom, the top world chocolate maker. Of course, not only new, appetizing, and tempting chocolate products will be added, but also products like eclairs, chouquettes, macarons and many more that will carry in the spirit of luxury design.


link to the article: https://www.startitup.sk/vystudovala-pravo-dnes-rucne-vyraba-luxusne-cokolady-bez-ecok/


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