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Even the ancient Aztecs knew that chocolate is a gift bigger than gold. Chocolate prevents softening of the bones, reduces blood pressure, fights exhaustion and strengthens the person in the most difficult moments of the day .. and life ..

The day without chocolate is like a day without sun!

Mystery of Chocolate wants to satisfy your delights and offers you the right smell and real experience of honest chocolate ... Do not be afraid of addiction... we are just humans...

let's be natural ...

Made from nature




Nowadays, mass production, the pursuit of profits and the long life of products, unfortunately even the most traditional producers offer "chocolate", which is not really chocolate, but only a chemical blend that only looks like  chocolate ...

Mystery of Chocolate offers you handmade sweetnesses, of the highest quality ingredients, especially original Belgian chocolate "Callebaut - since 1911", original vanilla from Madagascar, rose water from France, orange water from Tunisia, rose pepper from Madagascar, almond flour from France , true hazelnuts from Piedmont... All is made with love for you using only 100% natural ingredients.

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